Judge orders Marriott to release Michael Irvin video related to complaint

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A judge ordered Marriott International, Inc. to release any video related to an incident involving former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin.

The motion, obtained by USA TODAY Sports, and filed in Collin County, Texas where Irvin resides, says that information must be provided to the court by Monday at 6 p.m. ET.

The judge ordered Marriott to provide all written statements, video recordings, and reports during Irvin’s stay at the hotel along with names and contact information of anyone who contacted the NFL to make them aware or was offended by Irvin’s conduct. 

Irvin sued the hotel chain last week and is seeking $100 million in damages after a female employee of the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel accused him of misconduct on Feb. 5. 

Irvin was in Arizona to do commentary for the NFL Network and ESPN leading up to Super Bowl 57 and was removed from the hotel and sent home after the alleged incident. 

Marriott and the accuser, known as Jane Doe in court documents, are listed as defendants in the case. 

Irvin also repeated those claims to the Morning News and said he only shook the woman’s hand before going back to his hotel room.

One witness told the Morning News that Irvin’s hand was on Irvin’s own shirt during the brief exchange with the woman.

“It was very distinct,” one witness, Bryn Davis, told the Dallas Morning News. “I remember where his hands were because I remember thinking he was in good shape for an almost 60-year-old guy. He leaned over, shook her hand, and I am telling you right now: That conversation was [about] 30 seconds. If it was a minute, I would be shocked. I think 30 seconds. Just a normal back-and-forth. … Michael walks toward the elevator. She goes back into the restaurant, and everything is as normal as could possibly be. And that’s it.”

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