Tom Brady’s decision to wait to join Fox gives Greg Olsen extra $7M

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Tom Brady’s decision to wait until 2024 to join Fox Sports’ broadcast booth ensures Greg Olsen will make the maximum of his contract as No. 1 color analyst, at least for next season.

The difference? $7 million.

Olsen reportedly makes $10 million per year as lead analyst, according to the New York Post. If he were to be demoted to the No. 2 position, his salary falls to $3 million.

Olsen had the maximum salary potential of $50 million over five years if he remained in the top spot for the duration of his current contract. If Brady joins the year after next as expected, Olsen will still make a total payday of $29 million. That’s $10 million for last season and next and then a subsequent $3 million for each of the remaining three seasons.

There is also reportedly an opt-out clause in Olsen’s contract, which allows him to take a job elsewhere if he is demoted at Fox and offered a lead analyst position at another network.

The former Carolina Panthers tight end joined Fox Sports after he retired from the NFL in 2020. He climbed the ranks to become No. 1 analyst alongside Kevin Burkhardt at play-by-play and excelled in his role throughout the season and during Super Bowl 57 on Sunday.

Greg Olsen not afraid to compete with Tom Brady

Olsen said he is not intimidated by Brady looming and remains committed to doing his job the best that he can, just like he did as a player.

‘If you are afraid to compete and you are afraid for people to come for your job, then you are not going to do well in any competitive environment,’ Olsen told USA TODAY Sports during Super Bowl week. ‘Every year, they are trying to replace you. Every year, they are trying to bring in the new hotshot, young player to take your job.’

Tom Brady’s Fox Sports future

Brady signed with Fox Sports in May for a reported deal worth a record $375 million over 10 years. He initially announced his retirement last February, but returned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for his 23rd NFL season. He re-retired earlier this month.

‘It’s going to be a great opportunity for me to really take some time, and catching up on other parts of my life that need some time and energy,’ Brady said of giving himself a gap year before picking up his second career.

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