Shaq looked like one of the Rugrats after losing a bet

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Shaq really, really, really has to stop betting his colleagues on the ‘NBA on TNT’ set. It never turns out fun for this guy.

He already had to eat frog this year after losing a bet on the TCU Horned Frogs. He also was forced to grow his hair back twice after losing bets on the set.

Now, he’s got hair again after losing a bet to Candace Parker. Again. But this time, it’s in the wildest place.

Shaq bet Candace that Joel Embiid would score 50 points when the Philadelphia 76ers faced off against the Los Angeles Clippers. Unfortunately for Shaq, Embiid didn’t hold him down. He didn’t score 50 in the Jan. 17 game, so Shaq had to come on set with his baby hair popping.

No idea how he acquired this hair, but I’m almost certain it didn’t grow considering where his forehead was the last time he grew hair. But, regardless, Shaq looks completely ridiculous.

Shaq is a man of his word, indeed. The baby hairs are poppin’. Then when Candace brushes it, too? Whew boy. I absolutely lost it. This man really has one patch of hair on his head.

They really got Shaq on the set looking like Phil and Lil off of Rugrats. What a time.

This post appeared first on USA TODAY